Do we realize how lucky we using Internet and mobile and to have information as soon as it is requested?

Do you know that our mothers and fathers did not have this amount of awareness and information in their hands? Perhaps our parents felt the need to know how to deal with the teenager, for example, but they did not have, just as we have now, open the phone or computer, write the problem and find many solutions. Perhaps the old solutions in the absence of the Internet is to go to the library and buy a book or question a relative or neighbor or friend … Perhaps your mother  did not have the time and couldn’t buy a book or question any one

And to look at our situation now we have awareness about the choice of partner and the problems of marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, raising children, education, etc.

Be easy on your parents, they gave you what they really have!

I thank Danya Babkair for spreading her awareness. her instagram: