First days with a new born really hard, its a mix between a mother that just pass delivery and new baby needs.

Here are some ways to survive with a new born very easily full of love and enjoying:

  • The golden tip is to sleep the moment baby sleep immediately don’t think about doing laundry and making food..etc you can manage everything when baby is awake, but your body needs rest and it will not get it until baby is sleep if you don’t have some one to help you and take the baby from you for a while
  • Don’t refuse help that is offered to you from relatives and friends, an hour of sleep if you are really tired is enough to refresh your energy
  • Take a bath and change your clothes so you feel fresh and can enjoy rest of the day with your baby
  • Breastfeed your baby it’s all what he needs for the first 6 months of his life, it’s difficult in the beginning but it become easy every time you breastfeed and it has a ton countless of advantages for you and your baby, it strength the relation between the mother and baby and enhance your baby immune system and it burn fats in your body and return womb to its original place and many many more of advantages make your baby have this great blessing!
  • Don’t complain and get angry if your baby didn’t sleep and sun rises appear instead enjoy it and play songs about morning and sun rises and sing it with your baby, you will be surprise later that your baby memorize the song and maybe he will sing it for you very shortly!
  • in case you got very nervous read and play some Quraan it calms you and its a medicine for your heart
  • Hurry to search for close place to take photo shoots for your baby in his first days of life, so if you saw your baby from Camera lenses it will make you appreciate how much your baby is special and beautiful Subhan Allah and hold to your baby more and be proud
  • Don’t forget your husband fill him with appreciation words and let him share you in carrying the baby and give him a bath and change clothes…etc
  • after Nefas period 40 days after delivery you can get out with your baby and expose yourself to sun, a walk in fresh air and under the sun will refresh your energy and change your baby mood
  • Take care of yourself, do exercise that suits you, keep on healthy foods and drink milk so baby can get all that from you, put on masks in your hair and face, a little time for you can make a balance to your life
  • remember your baby is not an excuse to live your life normally, come back to your life and share your life with your baby but keep him always safe

i hope you found these tips helped you to pass first months with your new born, share us another ideas you found that worked with you to pass this stage