جنين مقعدي

Al Salam Alykum,

Good evening
Hello mothers how are you?

Today I would like to mention the story of having my eldest daughter she is now four years, to end all  the stories of my all my birth story

I was pregnant after four months of marriage. I aborted before her, in the first pregnancy I was very inexperienced, I did not know much about pregnancy and childbirth. The abortion was two months old and I felt constant cramps, i felt that period is coming in those two months in addition to blood stains that increase if effort is made

I went to the doctor and gave me pills to prevent the lose of fetus but i aborted when I completed two months exactly where i saw a large spot of blood followed by severe pain and severe bleeding, and when I rushed to the doctor said that there is no fetus in the uterus and dispensed pills to help In cleaning of the uterus without the need for operation, she told me that the operation and I did not give birth before is not recommended where it has complications, If we could clean the uterus without the need to operation that’s better, and I did not need an operation

Abortion has a painful psychological pain where the pregnant woman may be want to the fetus and got disappointed and she may blame herself or others for what happened. However, the pain of abortion is equivalent to a real birth pain and perhaps more

After two months, i got pregnant with my daughter . I followed up with the doctor every month in a private clinic. Every month I make a sonar for reassurance. When I was pregnant for four months, the doctor told me she was a girl and I was happy. when i was 7 months pregnant I checked with the doctor and after the sonar she told me that my daughter head is above she did not take the normal state of the fetus in the womb to give birth you will have caesarean section said very quickly, and because this is my first pregnancy I did not understand what she said and I did not worry about this subject and I did not search about it

When I was eighth month, I checked with a government hospital in Jeddah. The doctor told me that i should have a caesarean section because there are no doctors who know how to give birth to a breech baby. I read that having normal delivery to a breech baby can results to damage of the head of the fetus and other complications.

And there is a solution if you can find a someone specialist or a doctor can wrap the fetus inside your abdomen and got successful in which head become below without any problems or complications then you have the chance to give birth naturally

I searched the internet and asked doctors about the operation of getting fetus wrapped inside the abdomen and found a doctor in my area but i couldn’t go

And I read in the internet about breech baby and I knew that the are three types as shown in the picture, according to the way the fetus sits inside the uterus there is a complete sitting where the fetus kind of holding his legs, and there is incomplete where one leg is separated and there is the type Frank where his legs is up, so as I read in sonar reports, my daughter was in complete position with her legs in her stomach

I actually felt her head under my chest directly and I was feeling her kicks down on my lower abdomen. I was suffering from severe acidity, probably because her head was directly below my lungs.

I also read in the internet that pregnant women who did not gave birth before her fetus  will not change his position while having actual birth as rumored by people because her stomach muscles is not flexible, who tells you that her fetus took the right birth position while in labor may be true if she had birth before

The doctor has advised me to do exercises to make the baby get to the right position for birth, such as crawling on the ground, sojood, wipe the ground and vacuum while i am in the crawling position

I did her advice when i was in the ninth month, but it did not work, maybe if I worked with advice when i was seven month  pregnant, the fetus may respond because it did not grow up more as if she in the ninth month

They decided the date of the Caesarean section to be in the first week of the ninth month. I was hospitalized the night before the operation. I spent the night there and ate my last meal in midnight before the operation. They prevented me from eating after it. anesthesiologist asked me if i have any diseases, i told him that I have g6pd and this is important information should be mentioned when you enter the hospital because the one who has g6pd does not suit a certain type of antibiotics

And when I entered the operating room it was cold and terrifying and small and with a lot of small knives and iron tools I do not know why they do not make the operating room less terrifying and tension for the patients

I chose to be awake during surgery because I read that it was better than sleeping. When I took the needle in the back, my body did not numb quickly and the anesthesiologist was not patient. The anesthetic gave me an anesthesia for total anesthesia (and in my second birth I mentioned this point to the anesthesiologist and he cooperated with me until it worked correctly)

I woke up to the voice of the doctor and he calls me by my name and I remembered that I was in the operating room and asked him Is she a girl or a boy and he told me she is a girl

And I saw her at night she looked like me, with walking after the operation to heal fast and drink fresh orange juice to prevent constipation

I was following the topics of Dr. Fawaz Idris about breech baby, where they do correct baby position inside womb and then follow the case of the fetus after it if there is complications she will get an urgent Caesarean section and they check the baby after his leg and his seat

I did not have the opportunity to go to the hospital he was in because I was not following him from the beginning of the pregnancy

I wish my story would be of benefit to you, especially for those who carry a breech baby. I was careful to remember the details as much as possible