نشاط للأطفال

Good evening, mothers

Have you ever watched on Youtube with your children a video about a car trip with children, you can find it by typing: Are we there yet? in the search box in youtube. It is a video that shows a family travelling in a car and children keep asking their parents are we there yet? The father distracts them by looking through the window and looking at nature around them, stones, a train, lakes, etc.

Cocomelon has created excellent educational videos of high quality and is one of my favorite channels for my two year old daughter Gala.

Today, we are on our way from Mecca to Jeddah. My daughter Gala looked at my bag she wanted my mobile phone to watch YouTube. I ignored her request and looked at the window. I told her to look at the big mountains, which is brown. Look at these cars, this is white and the other is red, my other daughter was in the other window looking, and then my husband shared us he said look at this car it carries camels in it, my daughter Samia asked why the car carries these camels? Her father told her they were going to the the park to play

You can also prepare yourself for travel by providing books and magazines useful for children, wooden colors and papers, lego toys …
It is nice to spend time without using the phone and YouTube and meditating around us more
And you mothers how do you spend time traveling by car with your little ones?