Children enter the kitchen since childhood

The old raise was to prevent children from entering the kitchen to avoid accidents and expose children to dangerous things in the kitchen, and to prevent the chaos caused by children

But through my experience with my four-year-old daughter Samia, she is the kind who selects the food and does not prefer to try the new things or the strange color or texture that was an obstacle in trying to try different types of fruits and vegetables useful to her, but if you entered the kitchen and allowed them to try beating the eggs, placing the sugar, flour, or dicing the dough with some encouraging words such as Samia, you cooked this and it is tasty and you will eat it. She will wait for the cook in the oven until it get ready and though increase the number of the pieces she will eat.

Try to get your children to help you in kitchen. It nourishes their curiosity and develops responsibility. If it is on the chaos, it is necessary for education